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Cinderella part three

16. Choose the right word.

Cinderella liked  the dance very much (liked, didn’t like).
The coach became a pumpkin (coach, stick).
The clock began  to strike twelve (finished, began).
Cinderella ran down to the coach (down, after).
Poor Cinderella went home and began to work (cry,
The next day the Prince sent men to find
(strike, find).Cinderella
Cinderella tried the shoe (dress,shoe)

17. Make up sentences with the mixed words.

liked, very, the, Cinderella, much, dance.- Cinderella liked the dance very much
clock, suddenly, twelve, the, to strike, began.- Suddenly the clock began to strike twelve
finished, twelve, the clock, soon, to strike-Soon the clock finished to strike
poor, and, started, Cinderella, work, walked, again, home- poor Cinderella walked home and again started work.
the, put on, Cinderella, shoe- Cinderella put the shoe on.
she, coach, ran, her, to, steps, the, down- She ran steps down to the coach.
married, and, were, the Prince, her, happy, they.-The Prince married her and they were happy.



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