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1.- South Africa has the most official languages.

2.- The most frequent letter in English is e.

3.- Somalia is the only African country where everybody speaks the same language Somali.

4.- There is a river Oregon, USA called D.

2.- happiest

3.- importable

4.- smaller

5.- worst

6.- longer

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Teenagers earning money

2-save 3-earn 4-Saturday job 5-spend 6-pocket money 7-waste 8-Full time.

1-Full-time work is commonly considered to be 40 hours or more working time per week, while part-time employment is usually less than 30 hours a week

2- Is that earn is to receive payment for work while spend is to waste or wear away

3-Spending vs saving: how to find the perfect balance.

4- You can spend your money on something, but if you buy more than it is necessary or on things that are not useful, you are wasting money.