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Complete the sentences with “to be”am, is, are

1. I am a girl.

2. My father is at work.

3. Alex and Dino are my cats.

4. Alex is in the garden.

5. Dino is on the floor.

6. My red pencil Is on the floor, too.

7. The other pencils are in my pencil case.

8. My mother is in the living room.

9. Eli and Rafa are good friends.

10. They are good at tennis.

11. Are they in Amsterdam this week?

12. The pupils are not at school today.

13. It is Monday.

14. I am at home.

15. We are friends.

Make affirmative sentences with “to be”

1. I am never happy on a Sunday afternoon.

2. We are Scottish.

3. He is a pilot.

4. Mayte and Joshua are angry.

5. You are clever and good-looking.

Make negative sentences with “to be”

1. You are not Dutch.

2. Gemma isn’t at home.

3. Agust and I aren’t pleased about it.

4. I am not cruel.

5. It isn’t good.

Questions with “to be”

1. Are you from Málaga?

2. Is Isabel Spanish?

3. Are we ready to go?

4. Is he married?

5. Are you tired

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