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Record breakers

‘What are you doing?’
‘I was trying to break a world record.’
‘How many jumps did you do?’
‘Wow! What’s the world record?’
‘177,737. That’s another record I’ve failed to break.’
‘Why, have you tried to break other records?’
‘Yes. I try a new one each day. I really want to be a record breaker.
‘Last weekend I hula hooped with ten hoops but the record’s 99.
‘On my birthday I tried to blow the biggest ever bubblegum bubble. Mine was 30 centimetres high
but the record is 58.4 centimetres.
‘Last month I tried to balance the most spoons on my face. The record is 15, I could only do three.
I’m never going to break a record.’
‘Hey, wait a minute. You’ve tried to break a record every day this year, right?’
‘That’s 365 attempts! The previous record was 364. Congratulations! You really are a record breaker.’

Record - Գրառում 
breakers - անջատիչներ
blow —հարված
attempts — փորձերը
previous —նախորդ

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