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12. Make up sentences with the mixed words.

-mother, and, Cinderella, not, father, had.

Cinderella not had father and mother.
-Cinderella, with, lived, aunt, her.

Cinderella lived with her aunt.
-her, two, aunt, daughters, had.

Her aunt had two daughters.
-Cinderella, house, did, the, all, in, the, work.

Cinderella did all the work in the house.
-Cinderella, in, poor, day, was, kitchen, the, all.

Poor Cinderella was in the kitchen all day.
-one, the, day, from, King, a, came, message.
One day a message came from the King.


13-Answer the questions.

Why did Cinderella live with her aunt?

Cinderella not had father and mother.

Why didn’t the ugly sisters love Cinderella?

Because she was beautiful.
What did Cinderella do in the house?

She did all the work in the house. She worked very hard.
Why did the King ask all the ladies to come to the dance?

He wanted to choose a wife for his son.
Why was Cinderella unhappy?

Cinderella had only one dirty dress.
14.-Write the missing letters.
f i r e
u g l y
c h o o s e
m e s s a g e
d i r t y
h a p p y