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ex. 14-15

14. Complete the sentences.

When Cinderella heard about the dance she wanted to go too.
Her aunt and the ugly sisters laughed at her but didn’t take her to the dance.
A coach came to the door and  the ugly sisters went to the dance with their mother.
Cinderella looked up and saw  a little old lady. She had a stick in her hand.

When Cinderella brought them the little lady aved her stick.
The lady waved her stick and Cinderella wore a beautiful dress and
glass shoes.

15. Choose the right word.
Her aunt and the ugly sisters laughed at her and  didn’t take,
her to the dance (didn’t take, took).
Cinderella looked up and saw a little old lady (old,
She had a stick in her hand (in, under).
When Cinderella brought  them, the little lady waved her
stick (took, brought).
The pumpkin became a  big coach (big, small).
You must be at home before midnight (before, after).



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